Family history website design

Showcase your family history online

Create a beautiful family tree website

What's included?

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Starting at $9,600

My family history website design process

Consult and verify

We'll discuss your family history, desired website features, and preferred design aesthetic. I’ll check any prior research or family trees to ensure we’re starting with the most accurate information about your ancestors.

Design and develop

I’ll design and develop your custom family tree website. I’ll work with you to populate your website with family history content, photos, and stories.

Launch and train

I'll provide comprehensive training on managing your website and launch your family history website online!

Ready to share your family's legacy with the world in a fun and interactive way?

Free 30-minute session

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the website and the amount of content to be included. Generally, the process takes between 6 to 12 weeks from start to finish.
Yes, you will receive comprehensive training on how to manage and update your website content, so you can make changes and additions as needed.
Additional visual design directions and page template mockups can be created for an extra fee.

Yes, the staging environment setup allows you to test and review the development progress before the website is launched live.

Yes, 2 hours of post-launch maintenance are included in the project fee. And ongoing support packages are available for an additional fee. We can discuss your needs and tailor a support plan that works for you.

I will verify all the genealogical records you provide and cross-check with additional sources to ensure the information is accurate and comprehensive.

Additional plugins can be integrated for an extra fee. We will discuss your specific needs during the client discovery interview to ensure all required functionalities are included.

Website hosting and domain registration are not included in the base service. However, I can recommend trusted providers and assist with the setup process if needed.

Your privacy is of utmost importance. All personal and genealogical information is kept confidential and secure. We will discuss any specific privacy concerns during the client discovery interview.