“Ancestrality [is] the basis for… the creation of futures that have a future.”

—Arturo Escobar, Designs for the Pluriverse

Genealogy services

Your ancestors need to be heard!

My fascination with genealogy started with researching my own family history. It grew into a passion, with more than 250 of my family’s ancestors researched. In 2021, I started taking my first genealogy clients. I have experience conducting research using records in the U.S. and in many European localities. I’m particularly interested in working with clients who are interested in understanding their family’s history with racial privilege and oppression. I’m adept at piecing together stories of immigration, labor, homesteading, military service, and slaveholding.

4-generation pedigree

Ideal place to start your project
$ 600
  • An Ancestry family tree, including each of your grandparents and great-grandparents, compiling sources that are available on genealogy sites
  • Adding info from family sources (bibles, photographs, prior family research) to your Ancestry tree
  • Presentation of findings*

Research retainer

Ideal for longer or more complex projects​
$ 50 Hourly (10 hrs/month minimum)
  • Biographical sketches for each individual researched, including but not limited to birth, marriage, divorce, occupation, military service, residences, and death
  • Properly cited sources for each biographical statement
  • Requests made to repositories for offline records
  • Monthly presentation of findings*

DIY genealogy

60-minute coaching session
$ 150
  • Live one-on-one Zoom training session, with a video recording
  • Genealogy handouts tailored to your research area

Budgeting for your family history research

It’s important to not only to consider the cost of the research. Some genealogical documents still haven’t been photograph or indexed, and they need to be requested from the right repository, which can cost $10–80/document depending on the document. And if DNA testing is part of your research, you will also want to consider those costs.

*Disclaimer: Positive findings are not guaranteed. Negative and null findings are also likely for some records.