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Professional Genealogist
Shokai Sinclair (he/him)

Free 30-minute session

Work with me

Prepare for an upcoming genealogy trip.


Embarking on a heritage trip is an unforgettable experience. I’ll delve into your ancestral roots, uncovering details about the region during your ancestor’s time. 


  • Vital records (birth, marriage, death),  immigration/naturalization records, and hometowns of selected ancestors
  • Recommendations for genealogical tour companies (if desired)

Document family histories for your loved ones.


I can help you create a lasting record of your family’s history through expertly conducted oral history interviews. Offered on Zoom or in-person in Denver, Colorado, USA.


  • Interview preparation, including writing questions
  • Recording, transcription, and archiving the interviews for posterity

Honor ancestors through custom family tree art.


I can transform your genealogical research into a personalized heirloom with my ancestral portrait service.


  • Painted or drawn portraits on paper
  • Family tree installations 

Prove your eligibility for dual citizenship.


If you think you are eligible for European citizenship by descent, I’ll guide you through the genealogy research process to complete your documentation.


  • Assessing your eligibility by identifying potential countries where you may qualify for citizenship based on your lineage
  • Acquiring documents  (birth certificates, marriage records, and other documents) for your application
  • Referrals to immigration lawyers (if necessary)

Restore old family photos.


I’ll use Adobe Photoshop to expertly restore your old family photos, preserving them for generations to come.


  • Photo retouching to restore original colors, remove scratches/blemishes, and sharpening blurry images
  • Print-on-demand using Google Photos (printed on photo paper or stretched canvas)

Find offline genealogy records in the Denver area.


Need a reliable partner for in-depth Denver-area research? I can efficiently perform record searches at local repositories within 30 miles of Denver.


  • Offline record exploration (local archives, court documents, probate files, and land deeds)
  • Headstone photography and transcription (at any local cemetery or mausoleum)

Overcome research brick walls.


Have you hit a dead end in your research? I employ innovative techniques to uncover new information from unexpected sources.


  • Researching “collateral” relatives (people who are not your direct ancestors)
  • Regional history deep dive

Commission a family history book.


Together, we’ll organize your research findings into a captivating narrative, ensuring a clear and engaging flow throughout the book.


  • Writing, copyediting, and layout of a family history book

Create a family history website.


I’ll guide you in creating a beautiful and user-friendly family tree website using WordPress.


  • Design of key pages (example: homepage, photo album, contact)
  • Training in adding and editing family records
  • Ongoing maintenance (optional)

Can't find the service you're looking for?

There are certain services I don’t specialize in, but I can offer a referral to genealogists who do. Send me an email.

Are you another professional genealogist? Schedule a 30-minute networking chat with me.

Shokai Sinclair

About me

Before I got into genealogy, I couldn’t tell you one of my great-grandparents’ first names. When I started researching my family history in 2015, I quickly became fascinated with genealogy’s ability to shed light on my past. And as someone who spends much of my time immersed in digital technology, I love the thrill of finding information that is not easily accessible on the web.

I bring my skills as a trained researcher, interviewer, and technical communicator from my primary career as a user experience designer, where I build user-friendly websites and mobile apps. I received my BA from the San Francisco Art Institute, and I paint and draw from my home in Denver, Colorado, USA.

A trauma-informed approach

Family stories are powerful threads that connect generations, which can be both healing and emotionally complex. During genealogical research, it’s not uncommon to discover that your ancestors faced extreme hardships. For example, they may have lost children during childbirth or lived in extreme poverty. They may have been committed, incarcerated, enslaved, or held enslaved people in bondage. Uncovering this information can be unexpected and triggering. I create a safe and supportive space for you, ensuring the research process is respectful and empowering. At any point, you may invite a friend or loved one as emotional support to our meetings. I’m also happy to help you connect with genealogists whose lived experiences align more closely with yours.

My commitment to ethical practice


  • I will not ask for any personal information that isn’t needed for genealogical research.
  • I will keep any personal information you share confidential.
  • I will not sell your data to anyone.


  • I will not duplicate previous research without good reason.
  • I will cite my sources accurately.
  • I will handle research materials with care and respect.


  • I will explain project limitations and suggest alternate solutions.
  • I will not withhold any findings.
  • I will return any unused advance payments.


  • I will credit all of my collaborators.
  • I will invite my findings to be challenged.