Family history interviews

Preserving your loved ones' stories through oral history

Family history interviews are available remotely via Zoom or in-person in Denver, Colorado, USA

What's included?

Digital audio recorder used for family history interviews
Starting at $1,200

My family history interview process


I’ll create a dedicated Google Drive folder to share all of the project documents with you. I keep client records on file for 7 years, but I recommend that you make a copy of all of the project files for safekeeping.


We will discuss your objectives for the oral history project and the people you wish to interview. This will allow me to develop personalized interview questions.


The interviews can be conducted either remotely via Zoom or in-person if you are located in Denver, Colorado. Each interview will be recorded and then transcribed.


All interviews will be archived and preserved, ensuring that your family's history is available for future generations to explore and appreciate.

Are you ready to preserve your family's stories with an oral history?

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Any family member or close friend who has a story to share can participate in the oral history interviews.

The length of each interview session can vary, but they typically last between one to two hours.

The interview questions are personalized based on your family’s history and the unique experiences of the interviewee.

The number of interview sessions can be tailored to your needs. Whether you want to document the stories of one person or multiple family members, the project scope can be adapted accordingly.

Yes, your input is highly encouraged during the interview preparation stage. If there are specific topics or stories you want to be covered, they will be incorporated into the interview questions.

The oral history will be delivered in both digital audio format and as a typewritten transcription.